Service agreement

Our service agreement with you:-

1. Sold On Styling provides services to prepare your property for sale. This includes styling, packing and decluttering of your property inside and outside. We will provide you with a quote (or have already done so), which outlines what we will do to prepare your property for sale and our estimation of the costs.

2. If at any time your circumstances have changed and you require different services from us we can, by mutual consent, alter any of the services to your specifications.

3. We will keep any information we receive confidential between us. We agree not to remove confidential information from your possession without your consent and we will not disclose any of your confidential information to anyone else.

4. From time to time we may recommend you engage someone else to provide you with additional services, for instance, for rubbish removal, furniture removal, furniture storage, repairs and the like. We are happy and confident to liaise and organise these on your behalf. You should know however that we do so as your agent, and we do not guarantee the services or performance of others. If you choose to engage a third party, you do so under a separate and distinct agreement with that third party outside of these terms.

5. Similarly, if we purchase goods or accessories on your behalf we do so as your agent. Any rights you have for faulty goods or defective goods are the responsibility of the retailer or the manufacturer.

6. While we take the time and care to ensure that your property or possessions are not damaged by us, we hold Liability Insurance for the event that accidental damage occurs when your property is in our care. We reserve the right however to reject liability to the extent allowed by law.

7. Similarly, we expect you to take the time and care to ensure that our accessories do not get damaged whilst in your care, and that you ensure the safety of us or our representatives whilst on your property.

8. When we have finished styling your property, we will provide you with an inventory of our own accessories we have used. Obviously, we expect you to return the items on this inventory to us at the end of the agreement.

9. Linen and towels are provided for styling purposes only and must not be used by the vendor. If such items are found to have been used during the agreement, the vendor will be charged the cost of dry cleaning and a $50 handling fee.

10. Should it happen that you require our accessories for a longer period then initially anticipated we may, at our discretion, charge you a further hire fee for these. We will of course discuss this with you before we do so.

11. In order to secure your booking we require a deposit of 25% of our quote.

12. Our quote is our best estimation of the total costs, and sometimes our quote requires some variation due to unforeseen additional necessary work. Should we be required to vary the quote we will discuss this with you.

13. You understand that we use our expertise in styling your property and we do so in a manner that we think best suits your property. Should you or your agent wish to make any changes after we have styled your property we will charge you a minimum of $200 call out fee to make the changes you desire. 

14. When we have finished styling and organising your property we will provide you with an invoice for our services. Sometimes a styling project may take several sessions over a period of time. In that case we will provide you with regular invoices for the work undertaken, so you stay well informed of the costs incurred. If you prefer, we can provide you with invoices for our services at different stages, and we are quite happy to discuss this with you.

15. We expect you to pay our invoices within 14 days. Payment can be made in cash, by direct deposit, or with a cheque made payable to Sold On Styling.

16. When you have agreed to use our services, we will set some of our time aside exclusively for you. If you later change your mind and wish to cancel our agreement, we expect you to pay 50% of our quote or, at our discretion, we provide you with an invoice for the services we have provided up until then.

17. The success of our services is dependent on your co-operation, and we are not responsible for needs or expectations not met when you fail to co-operate with us. Also, in the event of circumstances beyond our control which prevent us from providing our services as agreed, we cannot be held liable should you suffer any damage as a result of this.