14/55 Stuart Street, Griffith

The unusual feature of this apartment was the angled walls creating asymmetrical rooms in the living areas. It made it particularly tricky in terms of furniture placement so as to ensure balance and traffic flow through the apartment. Furniture placement was also critical to demonstrate to potential buyers that unconventional room shapes could still be functional spaces to live in. In the entry, there was a nook that clearly lent itself to a study/work area. Instead of it being a 'dead' space, we illustrated how practically it could be used.

 The vendors owned some interesting pieces of art and left a couple of lovely items of furniture, including the fab yellow chair. We added lots of additional colour and texture which really brought this apartment to life. 

"We asked Mel and Suzy to get our apartment ready for sale. It has a slightly unusual floor plan. But luckily they've got a real eye for style and layout.
Their collection is quite eclectic, which means the place looks both stylish and like a real home.
They've also worked wonderfully with the space, giving the apartment a light, spacious feel.
We can't recommend them highly enough."      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sophie Crosbie, Ainslie

Before and after photos