Case study - 212 Duffy St, Ainslie

The vendor of this property engaged our services two months before her home was to be listed. We looked at the entire property and gave the owner a long list of recommendations which we thought she should undertake to present the house and garden at its best. Some of the tasks were small, such as repairing the bench top in the kitchen. Other tasks were bigger, such as repainting the front balustrade, porch and steps. We assisted in the process by sourcing a planter for the deck and planting it out, reorganising the pots and garden furniture in the front and back gardens and popping over occasionally to check on the progress. Over the two months most of the tasks were ticked off, so by the time the day arrived to style the interior spaces, the house was looking great, inside and out. We combined our furniture with the owner's and added all the soft furnishings, rugs, lamps, objects, linen and towels. The big bonus was the owner had a wonderful eclectic art collection with which to work. As the before and after photos show, the house came up a treat. The big lesson here was in the planning. The vendor recognised the need for some sprucing up having lived in the property for forty years. She planned accordingly by giving herself plenty of time to have her property looking it's best for sale.

"I employed Mel and Suzy to style my house prior to selling. I was incredibly impressed by their extreme thoughtfulness and creative flare in selecting the right furnishings and style for my home. They were attentive to every detail and always went the extra distance to respond to any request for assistance. They met all deadlines and were very reasonable in budget. I thought their service was excellent value for money and the outcome was positive. I think they show a high level of professionalism even down to the selection of colour in pillows to augment the home's existing paintings. All visitors commented favourably on their choice of furnishing and style. I couldn't recommend them enough. They really care!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Carole  - Barragga Bay, NSW

Before and after photos