Case Study - 9/25 Towns Crescent, Turner

This case study illustrates how styling transforms an empty property. Agents aren't keen on selling empty properties, and neither should vendors, because buyers often have difficulty imagining how spaces can be used and where furniture is best positioned in the rooms. Additionally, empty properties feel cold and uninviting, they don't engage the buyer emotionally. 

The before and after photos show how this property is brought to life with striking furniture and accessories. Even when feature walls seem problematic initially, the bold colours  really work when clever styling techniques are used to pull it all together. Strong, sharp accessories and art work complement the feature walls but the flokati rug and Moroccan kilim, plus the timber furniture add warmth and soften the living areas.

Upstairs, the bedroom is filled with light so the feel is maintained by using a mix of textures and a cool, calm colour scheme. The bathroom and ensuite are given a lift with classy accessories and towels that modernise the dated colour palette.

The property sold at auction.

Before and after shots